Breeding Seed of Coffee Plant from Tissue Culture

The material used is a piece of young coffee leaves that are still green reddish or green fresh. Leaves are cut into small pieces measuring approximately 5 mm rectangular or square. Leaf pieces were planted in a small cup containing a mixture of specialized materials that have been created and calculated to meet the needs of nutrients for the coffee leaf pieces.
Mixture of materials is called "media". To make piece of leaf was able to grow and evolve, of course, needs some special treatment in order to successfully establish a perfect seed. This treatment was performed in laboratory, greenhouse and nursery places in the garden. The treatments were administered in the laboratory include media types, kinds and levels of plant growth regulators, the most suitable planting conditions, and so on.
Before becoming a plant, the leaf pieces will form clumps of white-yellowish and beige, round or oval-called "callus." Furthermore, this callus will grow and develop into "embryo". In some experiments, there is also direct from leaf pieces to form an embryo. Embryo is what will grow and develop into seedlings into small size. Furthermore, seedlings transferred into a bottle according to the size of seedlings to grow and develop into larger plants. On this stage the seedlings were given several treatments pace with the age. In the greenhouse, the treatment will include the age and condition of seed, material for the growth of seedlings, light, humidity, temperature, and so on. Meanwhile treatment given in the nursery, most important is the level of light and shade to regulate humidity. If this last treatment was successful, so coffee seeds ready to be planted widely in garden. Based on this research, the coffee seeds from tissue culture can grow and develop normally like coffee plants from seeds or grafts. Even growth and development more rapid and fruiting faster than the plants from seeds or grafts.
Compared to coffee plants from seeds or grafts, coffee plants from tissue culture has several advantages, namely: the manufacturing process more practical, because it is only done in a relatively small room; seedlings produced more uniform, whether age, height and other physical conditions; the manufacturing process is rapid, because it does not wait for the parent plant to large; can be produced in large quantities to order in a relatively short
For the propagation of plants in the field is required Seeds Ready Ducts with the following criteria: Seed sources must be derived from the parent farm or company that has been designated. Age of seedlings used the 8 -12 months and has a 1075-50cm high. Minimum amount of old leaves: gleaned5-7 pieces, Number of primary branches: 1, Diameter of stem: 5-6 cm, Needs seeds / ha, planting distance: 1.25 m x 1.25 m, and Population: 6400 crop.