Indonesian Coffee Shop


Local coffee cafe increasingly numerous in various cities of this country, following the proliferation of cafes origin American are present in Indonesia. There logo was almost identical. However, the local coffee flavor is no less superior than the domestic coffee cafe concoction uncle sam.

Keiko espresso or coffee shop in Yogyakarta, established in 2004. The owner is a "five Pendawa" aka five men, Roni, Ali, Citot, Teddie, and Denny. The five of them lecture at the faculty of economics, University of Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta. The five of them equally enthusiasts coffee.

One night, the story of Dian Teddie patria, five of them talked about what to do after graduation. "Because we hobby were drinking coffee, it finally occurred to make own coffee shop".

In 2003, Teddie cs conducting research on coffee. Began to look up to taste the best variety of coffee beans. Often they concocting own coffee, valued alone, and visit various coffee shop.

The next step, to raise capital. Per person Rp. 200,000.00. Money collected, later we buy papers and printer. "We want to make proposal to looking for investors, but borrow computer". Add Teddie.

Unfortunately hundreds of friends who would be expected to be investors, only 6 people who believe in the work plan. With a capital of 80 million, they set up Keiko in the region Gejayan. Keiko now has three cafes in Yogyakarta, and branches in Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Solo, Jambi, Purwokerto, and Palu Central Sulawesi. With outlets, Keiko employs 200 employees.

23 kinds of coffee

Still in Yogyakarta, precisely in Jl. Hos. Cokroaminoto, there are coffee lecker and restaurant which is also put forward the Indonesian coffee. Although new one year stand up, lecker which in German means "delicious" already has many fans.

According to the owner, Sulcha Prihasti, lecker have 23 kinds of coffee the best of each region in Indonesia. Sulcha assess, the coffee is sold to foreign famous coffee shop in Indonesia, quality of Indonesia coffee is better than coffee shop foreign "in Europe, Indonesia coffee that are sought after. It's just that the Indonesian people who undervalue their own coffee. Lecker coffee have fans of foreigners and a number from Yogyakarta outside who come for drinking coffee, to treat a sense of longing in the region.