Intelligent Packaging for Fruits and Vegetables

Intelligent packaging is a technique of packaging that can monitor the condition of food products and include information about the freshness of food, including time, temperature and locations. This type of packaging inform consumers about the freshness of food through the indicators of time / temperature, microchips attached behind packaging and polymers transparent as well as radio frequency that can identify the state of the food supply chain (Priyono 2005).

Intelligent packaging is the packaging that applied in foods and beverages. The goal is to maintain product integrity and actively prevent the emergence of toxins in the products, improve product properties (taste or smell). On the packaging there is information product such as how to unwrap the product and how to use, and also confirmed the authenticity of the product. There is also a combination of intelligent packaging and active packaging for example on the packaging of beer that is able to generate foam on the outskirts of packing.

Most important is the assurance of product safety, especially perishable products, ie by giving the date stamp on product consumption limits. On product packaging are given marks microbiological growth such as physical activity, chemical, and enzymatic would be clearly visible on product packaging. Suppose COX Technologies has developed a color on product packaging that indicates the freshness of the product. Toxins produced by marine products will vaporize the amine group will react with the packaging.

Intelligent packaging for fruits and vegetables

As much as possible fruits and vegetables that are sold by retail can maintain product freshness. Actually the freshness of the fruit can not be inhibited. However, edible films can overcome these problems. In America the use of edible films are very rampant.