Labeling of Agricultural Products

The label is the identity information from the products becomes property of the company as a means of written communication between the producer with the consumer in the service of quality assurance requirements and health products. Another definition states that the food label is any information about the food in the form of drawings, writings, a combination of both or some other form that is included in the food, put in, affixed to or a part of food packaging.
Labeling is the inclusion or installation of any form of writing, printing or the image contains description or identity of the product is indicated on the label accompanying the food product and is used for the purpose of sales promotion. Food labeling is one form of efforts to protect consumers from the market products that do not meet food safety requirements. Incompatibility labeling can harm consumers. With the labeling of consumer has the means to provide assessments as well as impose sanctions for products that do not qualify. At least consumers be alert to no longer buy products with the same label after being disappointed. Labeling on agricultural products made ​​in accordance with the rules and regulations.
Consumers can ask accountability producers because of knowing to whom they should ask for accountability. They will become customers if it has confidence in the quality of the product with labels that have been believed. Thus the producers profit for the quality they provide to consumers. Consumers will feel safer buying these products because they get information from product labels generally. With labeling, both producers and consumers are trained to enter in the system that directly or indirectly involve the existence of quality control as well as guarding against food safety (Mubasyiroh, 2006).
Consumer demands on agricultural products that is safe and good quality progressively increased along with global market developments. Security of agricultural products is safe for consumption and is often used as a requirement in global trade. Thus, food safety and quality assurance is one of the quality determinants of competitiveness of agricultural products, which should always be improved.
In order to meet consumer demands on agricultural products that safe for consumption and to improve the quality and competitiveness of agriculture needs to be a guideline that regulates the labeling on some agricultural products, where the mark or logo on products such as proof of compliance with security standards or regulations applicable.
In addition, the labeling in the form of mark or logo products are also useful as a medium of good information for the needs of corporate marketing, nutritional value information, pricing information, outdated information, information about how the presentation, the way of information storage and consumer services. Information will be very beneficial to producers and consumers.