Method of processing coffee beans with dried

Processing of coffee beans with dry Method many done remember small processing capacity, easily done, simple equipment and can be done in the farmhouse.
1). Coffee that has been picked and sorted should be dried as soon as possible so as not to have a chemical process that could lower the quality. if coffee beans are stirred rustling sound, so that coffee can be considered dry.
2). Some farmers have the habit of boiling the gelondang coffee and then peeled, then dried. habit boiling gelondang coffee and then peel horn skin should be avoided because it can damage the chemical substances in coffee beans resulting in lower quality.
3). If air is not bright, drying can use mechanical dryers.
4). Complete drying until moisture content reaches a maximum of 12.5%
5). Drying takes 2-3 weeks by dried in the sun
6). Drying with drying machine is not required because costly.
Peeling skin (Hulling)
1). Hulling on dry processing aims to separate coffee beans from the fruit peel, horn skin and husk.
2). Hulling done using parer (huller). Not recommended for peeling the skin by mashing because it resulted in many broken beans. Several types of simple huller is often used huller with rotary hands (manual), huller with motor drive, and hummermill.