Packaging of Agricultural Products

Packaging agricultural products is one of the more important steps in the long term and complicated journey from farmer to consumer. Agricultural products continue to raise quantity along with development program that is encouraged by government such as intensification and extension. The reason is exactly what pushed the number of materials processing technology of agricultural products whose purpose is to give a touch on agricultural products with specific purposes, eg to extend the shelf life, improve nutrition, or keep the nutrients remain intact. Material processing of agricultural products not only the process is just but one of the most important is the process that is ultimately packaging.

The packaging is usually done to wrap the products with certain ingredients that purpose is to protect the product, and can also improve the appearance of a product. For that packaging becomes very important, because survival product at the time marketing depends packaging.

Currently the products on the market is very diverse, it would require variety of packaging materials in accordance with destining. A variety of packaging materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum cans, plastic with variety of technological and design innovations a lot in the market. Over time the trend of packaging is also growing. Various types of packaging are developed by the researchers. Currently being rife discussed is a smart packaging that differentiated into active packaging and intelligent packaging.