Coconut Water as Solvents Nd Vaccines

Implementation of ND vaccination for range chicken is still having a lot of obstacles, especially in rural areas because it is difficult to obtain ND vaccine and also if the vaccine exists, there is no vaccine solvent. Sterile distilled water was already commonly used as a solvent and a vaccine can only be obtained at pharmacies, but the price is relatively expensive for range chicken farmers in the countryside. In addition, the solvent is generally distilled water ND vaccine can only be used for 4 hours after the vaccine is dissolved. More than 4 hours potens vaccine has begun to decline. On the case in range chicken carrying out vaccination programs often require a long time to catch the chickens and move from location to location another. In order to overcome all the problems mentioned above, has done research on the utilization of coconut water as a solvent ND vaccine.
Coconut water is used, ie coconut water green.
Injections knife
Method of making coconut water as solvents ND vaccines:
Before implementing ND vaccination for range chicken, first in the way of making coconut water as solvents ND vaccines are the tools must be sterilized or washed in hot water. Part of the cleaned coconut coir, and then coconut water is taken by syringe tool that is sterile 10 ml with insert in place germinate, and coconut water is sucked into the syringe depending on the requirement.