Almond Packages

The method of packing almonds has frequently changed. In 1992, the exchange offered three shelled and three unshelled packs. Distribution was 90% in the unshelled form, and packs consisted of 100-, 80-, and 25-lb. burlap bags. The shelled packs were made up of 160-lb, bags, 25-lb. wooden boxesm and 5-lb. cardboard cartons. Over the years, the packs have been expanded and changed to include 76 distinct shelled items offered in eight different types of contributes from 5-oz. tin to 100-lb. bags.

There are at least ten unshelled packs, including flexible bags and cottons; and more than a dozen consumer size packages of blanched, sliced, diced, chopped and halved almonds, both natural and roasted. These provide a year-round distribution of ever-increasing importance.

Among the specialty almond items for mail order sale are festive gifts for thanksgiving and gifts Christmas. These are packages featuring such items as: smokehouse almonds (salted with hickory-smoked flavor); french fried; blanched; salted (elegant white almonds for teas and lunch-eons); cheese flavored; garlic onion; and barbecue.