Beet and Bean Planters

The production of beets for sugar and soybeans for oil and plastics has brought about new developments in planting equipment for these crops. Six-row rear mounted beet and bean planter equipped with fertilizer distributors and rubber press wheels are showed in figure below:

Adjustments are provided to obtain a wide variety of row spacings-from 13 to 40 in. The six-row machine can be adjusted to row spacings varying from 18 to 24 in. When the machine is converted into a four-row planter, row spacings can obtained ranging from 26 to 40 in. the planter can be used for planting other field crops in narrow rows.
Seed plates are obtainable for planting beans, soybeans, corn, beets, and other small-seed crops. The dropping mechanism for beets is designed to plant segmented seed, that is, to plant single beet seeds after the pods have been broken up. Some planters are designed to plant pelleted seeds. Special brush cutoffs and small, spurlike rollers with projections to punch the seeds through and out of the plate cell are available. Various sized sprockets are provided to obtain up to 12 different plate seeds. Runner and double-disk types of furrow openers are interchangeable. The double-disk opener is provided with removable depth-gage bands or drums that fit on the sides of the disks. Narrow and pointed-shoe-type furrow openers for fertilizer are attached to the planter gangs so that the fertilizer can be placed to the side and below the seed level.