Advantages of Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics is a farming method without using soil media, but by using mineral nutrient solutions or other materials containing nutrients such as coconut fiber, mineral fiber, sand, broken bricks, sawdust, and other media instead of soil.
Some of the advantages of plants with hydroponics systems include:
1.  Environmentally friendly
Hydroponic crops have good quality because of all the nutritional needs plants can be filled with good and free of pesticides. Because hydroponic plants do not use pesticides or insecticides that are damage the quality of the soil.
2. Plants grow more quickly
One major advantage of hydroponic gardening is plant will grow faster. You will discover that plants grow two to three times faster than if you use traditional gardening methods. Hydroponic gardening uses special methods to cut the roots along with aeration through the water to the root that are constant. This resulted in rapid growth.
3.   More efficient

Hydroponic farming is more efficient; more efficient use of water because plant does not need watering every day, is not require that lot of land, could save the use of fertilizer plants, do not need a lot of manpower

4. Higher selling prices
The advantages of hydroponic plants is not dependent agricultural season, farmers can plant all year round and produce agricultural products so that they can regulate the type and quantity of production to prevent a fall in prices of agricultural products. Therefore, the selling price of the crops is not afraid declining. Hydroponic plant maintenance easier because cultivation is relatively clean, cropping sterile media, and plants protected from rain. Attacks pests and diseases is relatively small. Plants are healthier, more vigor, and higher productivity. In addition, quality of hydroponic plants are better than the non-hydroponic plants. That is why the selling price is higher.