Android Phone Help Farmers About When and How to Plant Crops

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Mobile Phone Company for several years discussed about development of mobile features, plus the text service basic information about weather and crop prices, to empower poor farmers. Now, Grameen Foundation, idea with using Android.
Approximately 400 people cooperation with Grameen Foundation, which is called "community knowledge workers" in Uganda using the open source Android mobile-data collection applications that is feed data into Salesforce. The phone is powered by rechargeable battery in various ways, including solar power and by using bicycle.
Developed by Foundation of Seattle-based Grameen Technology Center, this project offers loan to buy an Android phone, and are equipped with information about when and how to plant crops, caring for their livestock and find markets for the product.
Many people questioned, why Grameen using Android smartphone?. Because the Android phone has a number of benefits that a strong and good, said Heather Thorne, director of ICT innovation in the Grameen Foundation Technology Center. He added again that the open source Android can develop applications from Grameen which can also be used when the phone is not connected to the network.
Grameen started to use Android G1, made by HTC, but there is a little short because the battery is not good enoughsaid Thorne. Thorne has experienced it, he speaks with Ugandan farmers through G1 Android phone, abruptly cut off due to G1 Android Low battery.
As reported by PCWorld that the actions are mostly done through the Android phone is when planting activities based on weather information, ask for better prices from merchants, go to the market, they can get better rates and provide better care for their livestock.