Benefits of Clove Oil for Dental Pain Medication

The cause of toothache is usually because we have less dental hygiene. We forget to brush your teeth in the morning after breakfast and before bed at night. Because we often underestimate those two things, it will cause decay and toothache. Yet if we want to explore the potential of our traditional medicine there is a way of treatment that is easy, cheap and comfortable for toothache. One remedy for toothache that works and become a mainstay of our ancestors is to use clove oil. Clove oil is very easy obtained at the pharmacy. Advantages treatment toothache with clove oil is if the toothache is cured usually will not recur again.
Clove oil is one of the essential oils are known in the market. This oil is obtained from the distillation of leaves and flowers of clove. The main component of clove oil is eugenol. This material that serves as the (pain reducer) antibacterial and local analgesics to manage pain caused by mild tooth decay, especially when the throbbing pain.
So always provide clove oil in your medicine cabinet for preventive action if at any time of the toothache. Actually very easy to use, just apply clove oil to a cotton and then apply it to the inside of a hollow tooth. This smearing may be done repeatedly until the pain becomes no longer felt.
When clove oil is used it will effect the flavor and aroma that is quite sharp. Distinctive aroma of clove odor can be smelled by someone other. For some people smell like this become less preferred because it is too sharp.
Based on the current trend is the use of clove oil for dental pain medication is reduced. Clove oil although it still sold in some pharmacies or drug stores, but buyers increasingly rare. Perhaps only from among those parents who still want to use clove oil for toothache. Most people prefer to use painkillers or go to the dentist to get a drug that is much faster and more effective for pain relief.