Controlled Sprinkler Systems

Today I think there are better options if you want computer controlled irrigation and lawn watering or irrigation is controlled Internet. With the internet sprinkler controller you can access and use the internet browser and the program easy and comfortable. You do not need to be always on the computer and easy to set up a schedule. Sprinkler irrigation can be accessed via iphone, and it's easy, and I save the water.
There are different both internet sprinkler controller out there, but there are some that hippy too. Make sure you can access the controller from a standard Internet browser, as you now use to get the best deal.
EtherRain8 and LawnCheck site
After some further research, I found something that seems perfect. I bought the controller EtherRain8. It is 8 zone irrigation controllers that is controlled by a program run from either your computer or via the internet through the website LawnCheck.
That's all I want from a programmable controller and more. When it is controlled from the site LawnCheck based on my schedule set up, it can use local weather information to determine when to run (you can also connect the local rain sensor).
After setting up the controller, I created an account on the site LawnCheck and establish a program schedule that takes into account time, Days, Seasons, Rain and Temperature. You can also program multiple short cycles per day to prevent his escape.
Sprinkler timer
A sprinkler timer is a device that can be set to activate the sprinklers on at certain times of the day. Besides being used with a simple grass sprinklers, sprinkler timer can also be plugged into the irrigation system is more complex. Garden tools can be very useful, but there are some things to remember when evaluating a sprinkler timer that can make purchases more easily.