Copra Oven

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Copra is dried coconut meat techniques of copra processing, there are four kinds, namely drying with sunlight (sun drying), drying with smoke on the fire, drying with indirect heating; Drying with solar systems (solar thermal power). Copra-making in society is identical with the smoke on the fire and drying. But actually there are several ways and steps of making copra are more efficient and better. One an efficient manner, namely use copra oven. Copra oven serves to dry the coconut meat into copra (dried coconut meat) or drying the briquettes after molding process
Many advantages are obtained by using oven to make copra, among others:
·         When making copra faster than by smoking and drying. Using copra oven it takes only 16-19 hours.
·          The quality of copra is cleaner and not fungus.
·         The price of copra is more expensive than copra drying with smoke or sunlight.
·         Not dependent on weather
The existence of copra oven has double effect. Which most feel is rainy season. Usually copra prices jumped sharply in the season, this is because of process of making copra difficult, less the amount of coconut, quality of copra is better, production process is not constrained. So that farmers can earn more profit.
Oven process is simple, just by include coconut into the oven and set the temperature between 60-80 C, length of the oven was not many days, making copra oven is the solution to make copra for the better. Copra oven is available in several sizes, ranging from 0.5 to 4 ton capacity. Coconut water levels are high, usually 50-55% yield of copra.