Drip Irrigation System

Solar Drip Irrigation is solar-powered pumping system combined with drip irrigation, so provision of water can be done automatically and instantly absorbed into the plant roots. In this way the utilization of irrigation water is very efficient. Drip irrigation pipes can also be utilized to fertilize on plants, if the system is equipped with tanks fertigator.

Using solar modules polycrystal BPSolar, progressive cavity pump from Mono pump is used to pump groundwater that are the depth of the surface of the ground water of less 5 meters, and System of Netafim drip irrigation. Advantages of Drip Irrigation System:

  1. Highly efficient use of drip irrigation is compared with sprinkler or flood irrigation method.
  2. Drip irrigation delivers water slowly immediately above, on or below the surface of the soil. This minimizes water loss due to runoff, wind and evaporation. So, save use of fertilizer because of fertilizer can be given directly in conjunction with irrigation water.
  3. Guarantee continuity and uniformity of water supply to the plant so that plant growth becomes optimal and uniform.
  4. Reduce employment needs because of the process of watering and fertilizing can be done automatically. Solar DripIrrigation is an advantage to many people with busy lifestyles.
  5. The last advantages of drip irrigation is weed and disease problems may be reduced because drip irrigation does not wet the row middles or the foliage of the crops as does overhead irrigation.

Components of a drip-irrigation system

The following is a brief description of the main components of a typical drip-irrigation system.

Water source
Use the water source that will provide the largest amount of water of greatest quality and lowest cost, for example water source from river, creek and pond.

The role of the pumping system is to move water from the water source to the field crops
Injectors allow the introduction of fertilizer, chemicals and maintenance products into the irrigation system. A fertilizer injector is the most efficient way to give nutrients of plants. Utilizing drip irrigation system, it delivers nutrients in liquid form directly to the roots of plants and is a fast, efficient, save cost and accurate way to feed an entire landscape, garden, orchard, nursery or greenhouse.