Efficacy of Rosella Tea

Do you been consume this tea Rosella Red Flower? Maybe some people do not know do not even know at all if the red tea from Rosella Flowers has many properties contained in the flowers. Red rosella flower that has been dried and brewed into a tea cup little sour taste is capable of treating coughs, uric acid, cholesterol, hypertension, free radicals, and refresher. In addition, based on scientific research conducted scientist Sudan, rosella Red is also efficacious for lowering blood pressure (hypotensive), anticonvulsant respiratory tract, and antibacterial. Red roselle contains many nutritive compounds, such as antioxidants, acid essential, beta carotene, potassium, iron, and various kinds of vitamins.
source image: myrosella.blogspot.com

Efficacy of Rosella flowers including the following:
·         Be detoxification, neutralize toxins
·         Lowering blood pressure
·         Lowering blood glucose levels in diabetics
·         Inhibiting the growth of cancer
·         maintain stamina
·         Lowering blood cholesterol
·         Balancing weight
·         Reduce difficult defecate
·         Lowering the level of clumping of fat in the liver
·         Reduce headache / migraine
·         Containing multivitamins, including vit.C and Beta carotene
·         recovering drug dependence