Liquid Fertilizer

To facilitate the nutrients can be absorbed by soil and plants, organic materials can be made into liquid fertilizer first. Liquid fertilizer provides nitrogen and other mineral elements is needed for plant growth, as well as chemical nitrogen fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers can be made from animal waste that is still new. Animal manures that can be used as manure goats, sheep, rabbits or other animals.

Liquid fertilizer, ie put animal manures into gunny sack. Collect 30-50 kg of animal manures are still fresh. Enter in gunny sack and tie it. Enter the sack which contains manure into the drum containing 200 liters of water. Lift up and down in drum so that manure will easily dissolve. Do it every 3 days. It takes approximately 2 weeks to dissolve all nutrients in fertilizer into the water. This solution is ready if color changed to dark brown. Other ways to estimate when the solution is ready is by smell. The first day will feel a strong ammonia odor. After 10-14 days, the smell is reduced.

The solution is a good liquid fertilizer to fertilize crops. This fertilizer can be used for various crops. To get a good result is a liquid fertilizer is diluted before is used to fertilize crops. For one part of the solution, add 1 or 2 parts water. The solution is used for watering plants, around the crops. Some plants can also directly use a liquid fertilizer such as corn. Residues of residual liquid fertilizer can be used as mulch or added plants for making compost.

Liquid fertilizers can be made from materials that have elements that is easy decomposed in the water, for example:
- Animal manure
- leaves (mainly from beans)
- Compost

How to manufacture liquid fertilizer
            Enter the animal manure in burlap and soak in a closed drum. Stir in a drum of liquid fertilizer once a week. After several weeks of liquid fertilizer can be is used. Long time of manufacture:
- Liquid Fertilizer from leaves per compost after 2 weeks;
- Liquid fertilizer from manure after 3 weeks;
            To use can also be mixed with various organic materials. Mixed:
- The leaves or compost: 1 part liquid fertilizer with 3 parts water,
- Manure: 1 part liquid fertilizer with 5 parts water;

Usage of liquid fertilizer                    
Use liquid fertilizer when plants are aged 2-3 weeks after germination. Usage liquid fertilizer especially for crops in the nursery or in small gardens, because limited amount of liquid fertilizer. Time of fertilization should be morning or afternoon, so that nutrients from liquid fertilizer do not quickly evaporate.

Advantages of liquid fertilizer
Liquid fertilizer is more easily is absorbed by crops were because of nutrients in the manure is decomposed. Plants absorb nutrients mainly through the roots, but the leaves also have the ability to absorb nutrients. So there is no benefit if not is only given liquid fertilizer around the plants, but also on the surface of the leaves. Usage liquid fertilizer easier job, and usage liquid fertilizer means we do three kinds of processes in a single job, namely: fertilize the plants, watering plants and treating crops.