Making Butter

Butter milk or butter is made ​​from cream milk contains a lot of milk fat. Using cream separator (separator) and the cream is separated and then is processed 40% cream to make butter.
1) Cream that has been separated and then is pasteurized at a temperature of 700C for 30 minutes or at 800C for 1 minute. Then is cooled room temperature.
2) Add the starter as much as 3% and stir until blended. Let the cream at room temperature until the acid usually takes about 6 hours, and stored in the refrigerator, is cooled to temperatures reaching minus 40C.
3) After cold and then condensed to separate the material is churned butter from the buttermilk. Butter is washed with cold water (ice water) several times to clean the buttermilk.
4) After the water content of about 16-17% butter. Then added salt (fine salt), stirring until blended 0.5-2%. Once completed salting, butter is packed.