Monitoring and Setting Irrigation with Computers

Soil fertility and extent of agricultural land requires special attention in order to provide optimal results. Computerization and automation of irrigation technologies are expected to realize this. CAIS 8255 (computerize and Automation Irrigation System 8255) is an irrigation system that applies computer technology as controlling and monitoring arrangements water directly from a central control device (computer) and implement sensors systems that work controlling automatically floodgates.
This irrigation system that applies computer technology is eliminating the redundant supervisor, so quite a bit of the center operator to manage all water gates. This system allows the operator in the calculation and control, where it is processed through computer anyway.
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This system has a support system ie anticipation flood systems, data recorder systems, alarm systems and security and monitoring indicators of irrigation, the state of water gates can be monitored, controlling irrigation channels that are working, controlling irrigation machines, and if there is flooding can be anticipated, an alarm system is meant includes security system control.
Computerization Systems (CAIS 8255) consists of hardware and software. The hardware includes outside equipment such as Interface, and Driver. While software is a program that connects between PC so that the operator with two-way communication is established. The software will issue data through PC, where data will be routed back to the hardware for processing so it can be in touch with the outside world and to control external equipment. The hardware also provides information into the computer about the state of the surrounding nature. This can be done with sensor equipment.
reference: M anwar rojikin