Queen of Coffee Indonesia

Sofinel Baez
Indonesia is the country's fourth-largest coffee producer after Brazil, Vietnam, and Columbia. As producer countries, Indonesia has the advantage with variety of arabica and robusta coffee products are of high quality. Moreover, Luwak coffee of Indonesia has been known and is the most expensive coffee and is favored by consumers. Through promotion and cooperation directly with the consumer countries, Indonesia could become the largest coffee producer country in the world. Event of selection queen of Indonesia coffee will be a means to promote various products Indonesia coffee and it and is expected to become attraction tourism around the world, including through the World Coffee Queen election which takes place every year at Columbia.
Through election queen of Coffee Indonesia is also intended to build public consciousness that through the coffee we can promote Indonesia to foreign countries, and encourage the development of the domestic coffee industry.
Queen of Coffee Indonesia 2011

As one of the best coffee producer in the world, the city of Manizales in Colombia has a way to celebrate the pride products. Since 1957, Manizales has always held big celebration to honor coffee (not just as commodity, but also identity and pride of Colombia) with hold an election of International Coffee Queen, or Reinado Internacional del Cafe. The event was spearheaded by the department of tourism and cultural city of Manizales was attended by more 20 contestants each year, and the final implementation, Sofinel Baez from Dominican Republic was chosen as Queen of Coffee 2011.