Seed Cleaning

air screen cleaner
Seed is a plant or plant part that is used to propagate and plant breeding. Once processed, the seeds are not immediately used, stored there for a certain period. Therefore, the handling of seed should be done with scientific principles in order to obtain good quality seed and durable. Cleaning the seed is very important because dirty seed storage for long periods of time may reduce the quality of seed and will indirectly affect seed viability due to blockage of the space between the seed that will generate heat and high humidity so that the breeding places of fungi and pests. Seed cleaning is the removal of any debris or low quality, infested or infected seeds and seeds of different species (weeds) that are foreign to the sample.

Process of seed cleaning aims to remove physical impurities and other grains that interfere with a group of seeds. Physical impurities such as fragments of seeds, the seeds of a size less than perfect (wrinkled, inferior, less ripe or petrified due to disease), fragments of rocks and twigs that are carried on the process of harvesting.

Seeds should be cleaned immediately after registration or harvest. If the seeds are very moist and cleaning is done by machines, it may be necessary to dry the seeds within the fruits to within 12 - 16% moisture content before cleaning to prevent damage.

Seed Cleaning with Airflow

Method of seed cleaning with air flow is the traditional method that has long been used. This method is done using nyiru (in: Java) with a blast of air to remove dirt that is relatively mild. in modern times like these seed cleaning can be more practical, easy and powerful because there is a more practical equipment, among others:
a. Winnower machine
Winnower machine is seed purifier that simplest. In prinsipial, these tools work by using airflow from the blower, to separate the light impurities, such as pieces of the plant or fine dust. While, heavy dirt can not be separated with this tool.
b. Clipper (the air screen cleaner)
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To improve performance and to be able to separate materials that are heavier and are not carried away by air, there was made clipper. Clipper seed cleaner is a tool that has been further modified, and is referred to as screen cleaner water.
This tool is the tool widely used to clean the seeds and can be used for all kinds of seeds. Nevertheless, if necessary with the requirements of seeds of higher purity levels, it would still need another tool. This tool is used to separate the seeds by size, shape, and density of seeds.
When using the air screen cleaner, there are several factors to consider are as follows:
1) Flow rate of air supplied to the tool.
2) The combination, composition, and size of filters used
3) The speed of movement of the filter