Scraper Wheel

Scraper Wheel: (Weed removing wheels). These can made available as per farmer’s crop pattern also. Theses are suitable for weed removing operation in crop row of width 1.5’ and above. It remove weed from roots 1.5 to 2” deep, Scraper blade sharp edge cut removed weeds in to small pieces and due to rotary motion, it get buried in to soil. Thus improve soil condition by adding green manure.
Benefits of Wheel Scrapers
    Readily adaptable on most planters
    Keeps the gauge wheel clean even in loose, muddy soil
    Keeps gauge wheel clean so seed depth does not change
    Adjustable Gauge Wheel plastic scraper fits contour of tire
    Welds or bolts on easily
    Affordable & Economical
    Scrapers are made of high molecular poly which is gentle on wheels and extremely durable
    Scrapers are adjustable in and out - up and down to fit any contour
    No Hand Cleaning = More Planting
    Easily flips out of the way when not needed