Agricultural College-University of Hohenheim

University of Hohenheim
The University of Hohenheim (German: Universität Hohenheim) is a university in Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1818 it is Stuttgart's oldest university and one of Germany's leading universities both in agricultural sciences and economics.
In 1847 the University of Hohenheim was designated as holding the rank of an "Academy of Agriculture and Forestry". In 1904 the name was changed to "Agricultural College".
The University is housed in and around the historical premises of Hohenheim Palace. It is surrounded by a modern campus which, apart from the University's institutions, includes the Botanic and Exotic Garden and three museums. Students attending the University of Hohenheim study and read in the rooms in which Duke Carl Eugen once used to work.
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural College
Dean:   Prof. Dr. Joachim Sauerborn
Faculty assistant:         Dr. sc. agr. Ursula Rothfuß
Secretary's office:       Sylvia Belz
Secretary's office:       Elke Rodriguez
Secretary's office:       Gaby Steinbeck-Althaus
Phone: 0711 459-22322
Fax:      0711 459-24270
Postal Address: Schloss, Speisemeistereiflügel, 70599 Stuttgart
Visitor Address: 70593 Stuttgart
The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences currently has 15 departments and 47 professors. Five research stations support practical research and teaching.

In teaching and research the faculty contributes considerably to the development and the evaluation of sustainable, production procedures in agriculture and food industry, rural areas, as well as to animal welfare, consumer- and environmental protection.
In basic research the faculty enhances the theoretical and methodical base of agriculture and nutrition sciences. The applied action- and process-oriented research is designed to find solutions for global social problems.
Until 2011 the Faculty of AgSciences will extend the following key aspects/issues:
Climate Change and Scare Resources: Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies
Genomic Diversity (in Agriculture Production): Characterization and Use of Genomic Diversity of Plants, Animals and Microorganism
Global Food Security
Quality and Safety in the Food Chain
The faculty is part of system-oriented as well as inter- and transdisciplinary national and international networks. Research and teaching satisfy highest quality standards.
The students and the scientists of tomorrow are provided and educated according to high academic standards in their field of specialization. They are supported in their personal development and in acquiring key qualifications.
Profile of the University of Hohenheim
World-class research and modern teaching are closely interconnected at the Universität Hohenheim. Hohenheim students and researchers receive numerous prizes each year. Its graduates are young professionals who are much in demand.
The largest faculty is the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, in which about half of the student population is enrolled. About 30 per cent study at the Faculty Agricultural Sciences, about 20 per cent at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Well over half of all students in Hohenheim are women. The proportion of foreign students in Hohenheim was always high. It currently stands at 15 per cent. They come from over 90 countries on all continents.