Tokyo University of Agriculture

Tokyo University of Agriculture is a private agriculture university. It was the first such institution founded in Japan. As of 2006 it is the only private university in Japan that specializes in agriculture. The Tokyo University of Agriculture abbreviated as Nodai or Tokyo nodai is a private university which treats agriculture in Japan. The campus is in three places, Setagaya, Atsugi, and Okhotsk (Abashiri).
What is "Practical Science" at the time of foundation of Tokyo University of Agriculture?
"Practical Science" is the school motto advocated by the first President YOKOI Tokiyoshi.
Its original fundamental principle lies in the rational spirit in which problems are totally grasped and analyzed considering diversified conditions and eventually solved through pursuing theories and means.
"Practical Science" is multi-disciplinary science and the fundamental principle is "Return man to the farm".
Agriculture science is wisdom of agriculture.
The inductive approach is symbolized by the words, "Ask rice plant about rice plant, ask farmers about agriculture".
Introduction of rural idea to city and creation of cultural and creative agricultural village is aimed.
Tokyo campus in Setagaya-ku:
1.      Faculty of Applied Bio-Science
2.      Faculty of Regional Environmental Science
3.      Faculty of International Agriculture and Food Studies
4.      Atsugi campus in Kanagawa:
5.      Faculty of Agriculture
6.      Okhotsk campus in Hokkaido:
7.      Faculty of Bio-industry
In addition, the University offers two graduate school programs, one in Agriculture and one in Bio-industry. There is a two-year junior college.