The University of Agriculture in Makurdi (UAM)

The University of Agriculture in Makurdi (UAM), Nigeria is a higher education institution and one of the two premier Universities of Agriculture, established in 1988. The University of Agriculture, Makurdi was established against the background of an existing network of faculties of agricultures in about 24 federal- owned general universities and fourteen states' owned universities; 18 autonomous agricultural research institutes; extension services of the Agricultural Development Projects (ADPs) and the multiplicity of tertiary institutions offering sub-degree programmes in agriculture. The current Vice-Chancellor is Prof. D. V. Uza. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is Prof. E. U. Amuta. It succeeded the Makurdi Campus of the University of Jos (Established in 1984), which in turn had succeeded the former University of Technology, Makurdi (established in 1980). The University was set up to pioneer new institutional approaches to the generation and dissemination of new agricultural technologies.
University of Agriculture, Makurdi is located in Makurdi, the capital of Benue State of Nigeria, a State generally known as the "Food Basket" of Nigeria. Benue State falls within the coordinates 7.47' and 10.00' East, 6.25' and 8.8' North.
In general, the objective of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi is to put in place a properly integrated system of teaching, research and extension toward appropriate technology creation, transfer and utilization in Nigerian agriculture.
The University of Agriculture, Makurdi has over 30 departments in nine Colleges. They are:
1.      College of Agronomy
2.      College of Agricultural Economics and Extension
3.      College of Agricultural Engineering and Engineering Technology
4.      College of Animal Science
5.      College of Food Technology
6.      College of Science
7.      College of Agricultural and Science Education
8.      College of Veterinary Medicine
9.      College of Forestry and Fisheries.