Technogreen to capitalize on the various opportunities of the agricultural sector

Technogreen have vision to contribute to fulfilling the huge market gaps in the world food supply shortage that’s expected to drastically increase in the coming years, which will reflect in agricultural inputs consumption, as well as a shift to modern irrigation in the region. We create and provide environmental solutions to farmers, agriculturalists and hortlculturalists around the world, helping customers use less water and grow more and healthier plants.

Technogreen are brought together to capitalize on the various opportunities of the agricultural sector throughout a wide-set of integrated products, services, and relevant business activities that are synergistically employed to have a remarkable impact on all the interested agribusiness stakeholders.
Our management team always focuses on our customers; their satisfaction, loyalty to our company and their perception of a high quality product.
All of us believe that "Your Prosperity is Our Excellence", and Technogreen are committed to it in all our activities by providing the right technical support, introducing the best products, and educating our customers with the proper agricultural techniques that can add value to their businesses.
Corporate Philosophy

Quality is our attitude in doing business that has grown up through a long way of commitment to excellence where continuous improvements are the responsibility of all our employees.
Technogreen is a leading national grower, producer and exporter of fresh agro-products in Egypt. With a solid track of almost 20 years in local and international markets, Technogreen thrived to build an outstanding reputation in providing international markets with healthy and nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables, all of which are fledged and developed in a purely clean environment.

We are proud of being perceived by our customers and suppliers as one of industry quality pioneers, we are the sole producer to have a climate control green house and the first to induce the field packing technologies in Egypt.

Our flexible and synergistic operating model enabled us to perfectly meet shifts in market demands and tailor our services to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our competitive edges are derived from a set of integrated activities including concrete environmental responsibilities to assure healthy and wholesome productions; where maximizing our customers’ value proposition is the root upon which all of our operating strategies were built.