International Seminar : The Impacts of Regulations On Tobacco Control (Review of Health, Economic, Social and Cultural Aspects)

Until now, tobacco consumption in Indonesia has not been controlled effectively. Health impact of tobacco consumption (particularly smokers) leads to mortality increase. Booles (1999) declared the impact of tobacco consumption affect on poverty – the individual and the family: because the numbers of poor smokers are greater than smokers from higher economic level. About 10% of household expenditure use for smokers, the number of patients with diseases caused by tobacco consumption increases the cost of the treatment of diseases, exacerbate malnutrition, and reduce access to education.
Indonesia is the only country in Asia Pacific that has not yet signed the Framework Convention Tobacco Control (FCTC), an international treaty in which control the risk of tobacco use. Government Regulation Draft (RPP) related with tobacco is still unclear. Several ministries, including the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Transmigration and Manpower wants the government to consider even postpone ratification of the draft. They argued that the production of tobacco and cigarettes become the foundation of millions of labor and economic activity, thus the welfare of tobacco farm workers and tobacco farmers can be saved.
One of leading tobacco-producing area (in large quantity) with internationally well-known quality in Indonesia is Jember Regency. There have been listed hundreds of cigarette factories in Jember, some of which did not have legal permit. The processing of tobacco into cigarette is part of tourism industry, which is a traveling around the tobacco plantation to see the process of cigar tobacco. Until now tobacco is the pride (representation) of Jember area; as evidence, tobacco is made to be a motive in batik craft, local dance 'Lambakau', and become the logo of the State University of Jember. Jember community that is mostly Moslem do not seem to be disturbed by the MUI (Moslem Clerical Council) fatwa which states that cigarette law is makruh (disapproved but not unlawful) and haram (forbidden) for people with certain condition even though the term makruh in Islamic law actually means a ban.
The above review can give us description that smoking is not only in the area of health discussion but is a complex problem that can affect economic, social, and cultural sectors. Therefore, it is important to soon carry out advocacy efforts by various parties for the completion of tobacco control regulation draft which is now being discussed at the nation political level. The advocacy material will be better and better if it is based on an in-depth study and involves several parties related to tobacco and cigarettes.

Jl. Kalimantan III/24, Kampus Bumi Tegal Boto
Jember, East Java – INDONESIA

Call for Papers & Submission
High quality research for oral and poster presentation are welcome. Scope area covered in this seminar:
  1. Tobacco and Its Impact on Public Health
  2. The Product of Tobacco and Its Effects on Environment
  3. The Health Economy Impact of Tobacco
  4. Tobacco Policies: Challenges and Solutions
  5. Smoking in the religious, social and cultural perspectives
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