Simple Agriculture Land MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE

LandMagic LandMaster allows for the efficient management of key aspects of your operations including LandList, Master Data, contract management, ProFiles, Chart of Accounts, and security features. The Master Data framework within LandMaster has been developed specifically for agriculture and its need for flexibility in the areas of contracts, crops, unit of measure and varieties.

Utilize LandMaster to identify your land and parcels and record entries into your log book. Define ownership, varieties, rootstock generations, crop spacing, acreage, tree counts, legal description, irrigation zones and water source for your farming operations. Having your land data at your fingertips will demonstrate you are organized and help with bankers, crop insurance companies, property taxes, risk management and worker's compensation.
Benefits of LandMaster:

•    Ease of transition and implementation
•    Maintain all of your Master Data in one location
•    Set up your entire property by Block, Parcel, and Variety
•    Manage data for growers, harvesters, contractors, haulers, suppliers, etc.
•    Intuitive reports provide snapshots of all aspects of your land
•    Simple contract set up and management