Faculty of Agriculture-Dalhousie University

Located just outside Truro in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, the Faculty of Agriculture is built on a proud history of industry-leading education and research. Recently, we joined with Dalhousie University to continue our tradition of excellence in education and research.
Academic programs
Agriculture in today's world is an interesting and challenging industry. Our programs combine the core disciplines of agricultural sciences with business management and innovative technology.
Why choose Faculty of Agriculture-Dalhousie University
Interdisciplinary opportunities

At the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University, you can broaden your skill set and range of thought to take your studies beyond single academic concentrations. Learn how business, economics, and cultural studies intersect with applied science, agriculture and technology.
Connecting students and employers
Our Career Information Center can assist you with your resume, map out a career path and help connect you with employers both locally and internationally.
Specializations (undergrad)
Our undergraduate programs give you specialized instruction and hands-on experience to prepare you for the real world. You'll focus on the information and skills that will give you the expertise you need to achieve your goals.
Co-op programs
Our co-op programs give you the opportunity to take the skills and knowledge you acquire in the classroom into real life work terms. Imagine learning on the job and solving real world problems while getting paid for it.