Indonesia and Turkey Cooperate in Agriculture Development

The Indonesian government agreed with Turkey to boost cooperation between the two countries in agriculture, especially in terms of research and development of agricultural products.

Minister of Agriculture, Suswono, and Turkey Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Agriculture Mehmed Medi Eker met to discuss bilateral cooperation in agriculture between the two countries.

During the meeting both sides agreed to enhance cooperation in agriculture, especially in the field of research and development of agricultural products. In addition, the two countries also agreed to promote trade of agricultural products in order to achieve the target of trade volume worth 5 billion dollars in 2015, as the top leaders of both countries agreed.

Mehmed continued, Indonesia and Turkey was active in the G-8, G-20, and the OKI (Organization of the Islamic Conference). Various of problems, including agriculture, can be discussed within the framework of the Group of the country. In that occasion Mehmed reveal, things that can be done in the near future is cooperation in the field of research and development (R and D) agriculture.

The agreement immediately followed up with the signing of the cooperation in research and development cooperation. A cooperation agreement was signed by Director General of research and development of the Ministry of agriculture, food, and Turkey Farms and the Directorate General of processing and marketing of agricultural products (P2HP) of  Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia.