International Oil Palm Conference (IOPC) with theme Green Palm Oil for Food Security and Energy Renewble

Minister of Research and Technology (Research and Technology), Gusti Muhammad Hatta opened International Oil Palm Conference (IOPC) with theme "Green Palm Oil for Food Security and Energy Renewble". IOPC fifth seminar was held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) on 17 -19 June 2014 by the Centre for Oil Palm Research (PPKS).

Research and Technology Minister, Gusti Muhammad Hatta said the IOPC is expected to occur in transactions between businesses, build networks of cooperation, sharing of research and technological development from upstream to downstream.

There are some major issues that will be raised and the most strategic is the issue about the development of palm oil into biofuel. "In the middle of the energy crisis that is happening in the world today, so Indonesia took a step forward to develop the technology of palm oil into the bioenergy feedstock palm oil. Government fully supports the development of this technology because of the 10 to 20 years will come from the energy that source from fossil is up, "said the Minister.
Indonesia is currently the world's largest palm oil producer with the largest oil palm plantation in the world. Therefore, reference should put Indonesia as the world's palm oil development through organizing international IOPC seminars.

Main agenda of IOPC was an international conference that present of experts new areas of oil palm developers are from Africa, Latin America, and China. It also invited expert palm oil from Malaysia, France, England. These experts will discuss the agronomy and biotechnology, palm oil products, environmental, economic and social aspects.