Department of Fisheries of The Faculty of Agriculture UGM

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17,500 islands, long coastline of over 80,000 km and less than 2/3 of the entire region is a marine. Indonesia is an archipelago and majoring in marine, therefore, fisheries are very important factor in determining the development of the country. However, the aquatic resources have not been explored optimally. The availability of water resources in marine, freshwater and brakish-water make fishery has a significant role in our economic growth in the future. The country continuously needs experts and skilfull manpower in the fisheries development and exploration. The Department of Fisheries established in 1963 encourages students to study and research in theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable fisheries development.
There are 3 study programs in the department: (a) Study Program of Aquatic Resources Management, (b) Study Program of Fish Processing Technology, and (c) Study Program of Aquaculture.
Some supporting facilities in the department :
  1. Laboratory of Management
  2. Laboratory of Fishery SocioEconomics
  3. Laboratory of Fishing Gear and Material
  4. Laboratory of Fish Technology
  5. Laboratory of Microbiology for Fishery Products
  6. Laboratory of Food Technology and Food Engineering
  7. Laboratory of Hydrobiology
  8. Laboratory of Fish Food
  9. Laboratory of Fish Diseases
  10. Laboratory of Aquaculture
  11. Laboratory of Fish Genetics and Breeding
  12. Fisheries Research Station