Department of Plant Protection UGM

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been worlwide accepted as the concept in developing pest management programs. The Department of Plant Protection, Gadjah Mada University has been playing the key role in initiating and establishing the implementation of IPM in Indonesia. The faculty members in the department continue to research into new technologies that would comply the current technologies used in the IPM programs. Moreover, the department expands the collaborations with scientists from other disciplines to strive the challenge in adopting and practicing sustainable agriculture to maintain environmental balance and to conserve natural resources.

The Department of Plan Protection continues to advance science of plant protection. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their innate ability through intensive mentoring by the faculty members. This approach is deployed to prepare students with science, knowledge, and skill in developing their capability to identify problems and seek for solutions. In addition, the faculty members and students are actively involved in disseminating technologies in plant protection to public including growers.
The academic program is supported by 10 laboratories :
  • Laboratory of Basic Entomology
  • Laboratory of Applied Entomology
  • Laboratory of Nematology
  • Laboratory of Mycology
  • Laboratory of Plant Virology
  • Laboratory of Plant Bacteriology
  • Laboratory of Pesticide Toxicology
  • Laboratory of Clinical Plant Pests and Diseases
  • Laboratory of Biological Control