Agrotechnopark is Ready to Support the Concept of Green Campus at the University of Jember

Agrotechnopark is ready to support the concept of green and clean campus at the University of Jember. It is shown by an effort to maintain the campus environment become green area with a variety of horticultural crops (vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants) as well as medicinal plants.

Thus, it was delivered by the Chairman of the Agrotechnopark UPT, Ir. Arie Mudjiharjati, M.Si when interviewed in his office.  Arie explains Agrotechnopark UPT has many collections of plants, especially orchids that have been developed since two years ago. According to Arie, Orchid was chosen to be developed is one of the plants most preferred by users.

"Orchid plants become our focus in the development of ornamental plants in Agrotechnopark," said Arie. According to Arie, many activities undertaken in the development of ornamental plants, especially orchids. "Among acclimatization (adjusting environment) from the highlands to the lowlands, crosses and other propagation," he added.

In addition Arie explained, orchid collection has also been propagated by selfing / sibling. It is done to get more diverse result of crosses who also became learning facilities to support students and community.

Since its establishment on November 2, 2011, Agrotechnopark UPT already have a variety of products have been developed. All products will be displayed on October 17 until October 18 is included in the agenda of Tegal Boto Festival 2014. In addition to participating in the 50th anniversary of the University of Jember, Agrotechnopark UPT will hold Training of Orchid Cultivation and Mini landscape on October 21, 2014.

For more information about Training of Orchid Cultivation, you can see this brochure bellow: