Bandung Agri Market (BAM) to Increase Agricultural Products

Bandung Mayor M. Ridwan Kamil officially opened the festival Bandung Agri Market (BAM) which is located in Cikapayang Park, Sunday (25/5). Opening marked by the beating gong by the mayor, accompanied by the head of PKK Bandung, Ny. Atalia Ridwan Kamil and Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food Security Bandung,i.e Elly Wasliah.

Bandung Agri Market is a festival that displays variety of vegetables and fruits local. Hopefully, by the BAM people can more fond fruits and vegetables local rather than imported. But in addition to vegetables and fruits, in the event there is also music and selling food. Participants of BAM, consists of communities, farmer groups, and UPTD nursery.

According to M. Ridwan Kamil with Bandung Agri Market (BAM) is expected to citizens of the community want to gardening in the city.

According to mayor probably is still a transition period, hopefully one or two year farming in the city is not a strange thing anymore. "Techniques or methods used in gardening in the city can be through using hydroponics or pot." He said.

The mayor also said that if the Bandung Gardening Program is already running and can produce, Bandung Agri Market will be used for sale.

Matching with the Mayor of Bandung, Elly Wasilah also said, that currently has about 120 neighbourhood head representing each urban village in Bandung Gardening Program is already running, from socialization and training. His plan, there are about 151 neighbourhood head that participate in this program, representing the total number of urban village in Bandung.