International Exhibition of Agriculture and Ground-keeping Machinery

The international exhibition of agriculture and ground-keeping machinery, abbreviated in Italian as “EIMA” and organized by the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufactures Federation (Feder Unacoma), officially kicked-off in Bologna, Italy, on Tuesday, Nov. 11. It is expected to run through Sunday.

The third day of EIMA International, the great trade show of machinery for agriculture, gardening and grounds keeping, started at nine in the morning with the arrival of great masses of visitors. Following opening on the 12th, the first two days of the event witnessed an increasing number of visitors, compared to the most recent edition held in November 2012.

Participants from 45 countries and official delegations from 60 countries have confirmed their attendance at the event, which the committee expects to welcome visitors from some 122 countries have crowded from early morning EIMA exhibition, which opened today in Bologna, in order to discover all the new features suitable for all kinds of agriculture offered by specialized industries.

The exhibition has been organized to address the world’s growing need for agricultural machinery.

The third day was dedicated especially to the ASEAN countries with a schedule of appointments for meetings between the exhibiting industries and business people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. In a speech, Goldoni said that emerging markets in Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia were emerging economies that could catch up with developed countries.

He said on Friday, a business-to-business (B to B) event aimed at opening a window on mechanization in Southeast Asia, with a focus on ASEAN countries, would be held. In the event, it was expected that Asian businesspeople would discuss future partnership opportunities with their Italian colleagues.

Indonesian agroindustry businessman Johny Sinaga, who has been invited to the exhibition, earlier said that among his objectives was to find the right partner to sell agriculture machines.
“I have been asked many times by customers about a limited number of agricultural machineries that can support their activities here in Indonesia. Therefore I need to go the exhibition and find the right partner to sell high-quality machineries,” he said.

He acknowledged, however, that high-quality machineries came at a price. Therefore, he would need to devise good business strategies like bundling the items with good after-sales services.

“The absence of good-quality products has left many of my customers with no alternative to low-quality products. We need a breakthrough on this matter,” he said.

Senior trade analyst from the Italian Trade Agency’s Jakarta office, Yaniman Lani, according to Kompas, said that in 2012, Indonesia’s imports of agricultural machinery reached US$169 billion. From that figure, $3.6 billion came from Italy.

In 2013, the country’s total agricultural machinery imports decreased, topping out at $109.9 billion, with $2.7 billion coming from Italy.