Pikaplant, shelves which can watering plants automatically

You want to keep the plant is maintained without need to continuous water it? Pikaplant is the solution. Pikaplant has designed a shelf that automatically waters flowers, perennials, and ferns, so you don’t have to.

Amsterdam-based company has released "Pikaplant", is a mini garden with plant maintenance are not complicated. Amsterdam-based startup PikaPlant has developed a brilliant plant watering shelf to save plants’ lives as well as human hassles. The Company's design by imitating the natural cycle of wet-dry on groundwater. The result is a shelf that can water the flowers, green plants, and ferns, so you do not need to ask friends for helping in watering, when you’re not home.

The company strong believes in the capabilities of the product: ‘great for schools, open plan offices, hotels, restaurants and cafés, a ‘pikaplant one’ filled with fresh herbs, bright florals, or lush greens will bring a breath of fresh air to any interior.’

How to using Pikaplant?

In order for the mechanism to work, users must place their containers on the capillary matting surfaces and fill the reservoir with several liters once a month.

Afterwards, the material soaks it up, moistens, and process begins. the ebb and flow hydrating system provides exactly the right amount of liquid through gravity and capillary action to cultivate life and facilitate photosynthesis. Due to its automatic processing, the garden unit doesn’t require any electrical supply or human efforts to function. The only effort required by you is to fill its transparent glass reservoir at the top once a month, rest your gardening unit will handle on its own. You can place this plant shelf against a wall or in middle of a room, either way it will be a natural home décor object within your living space. 

A plant rich environment makes people more creative, more productive, and less stressed out. some plants also help regulate humidity and remove trace toxins from the air. 

Photo from : designboom