11 of 62 Variants of Red Durian Get Ready for Global Market

11 of 62 Variants of Red Durian Get Ready for Global Market- Banyuwangi has 62 variants of red durian spreads in 5 districts. This was said by Eko Mulyanto, Head of Research and Development of Horticulture Observer Forum.

"This year there are three variants of the 62 variants of red durian species which will registered," said Eko.

Moreover, 62 variants of red durian, still 11 variants which should be in the international category, while the others still suitable for consumption because they need improvement.

"There are several requirements for international categorized as a standard weigh between 1.5 to 2 kg. Resistant between 2 to 3 weeks and is still good condition when in the frozen machine," he said.

Eko admitted for this year, the production of red durian only 30 percent compared to the previous year due to unfavorable weather.

"This year is only about 800 of red durians compared to last year amounted to 2 thousand fruits. Everything from the red durian trees which were about 200 trees spread in 5 districts," he explained.

Currently, targeted 15 thousand seedlings were planted until the end of the year, there were three thousand seedlings were prepared to plant. While durian trees was planted about 1,500 seedlings.

"The harvest between 7 to 12 years depending on treatment. Going forward Banyuwangi is expected to be central to the development and research the red durians in Indonesia," he said.

In addition, the treatment also affects quality of the red durian. "Because the location is in Banyuwangi then needed the addition of sulfur and increased soil salinity," he added.

Meanwhile Sri Wijaya Yusuf, as Director of the Ministry of Agriculture explains the red durian varieties in Banyuwangi must be be registered to the Ministry of Agriculture and will do breeding formally to propagated throughout Indonesia.

"It is important for the long term including to register geographical indications to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. The advantage in addition to the welfare of society Banyuwangi also to provide quality assurance to consumers. The quality and thickness of flesh. So if want to buy the red durian seed, there is a standard. We are ready for seed breeding, "she said.