Red Durian Banyuwangi will be Patented

The potential for red durian in Banyuwangi is greeted positively by Banyuwangi regency. Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Plantation Banyuwangi will soon be patented red durian, a fruit typical of the city is nicknamed Sunrise of Java.

"Red durian has already patented, we cooperated with the Center for Agricultural Certificates East Java," said Head of the Department of Agriculture Banyuwangi, Ikrori Hudanto, Monday (03/09/2015).

The process is after the certificate down, will be filed for a patent to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Hopefully, after the red durian get a patent, Red durian Banyuwangi will go up. So it will have an impact on the local economy.

This red durian also continue to be encouraged, including making breeding and research center.

Plan of patent is supported Director of Ministry of Agriculture Horticulture, Sri Wijaya Yusuf. He agreed red durian Banyuwangi get geographical indication from the Ministry of Agriculture. Thus, the red durian will be a Banyuwangi icon  although grown everywhere.

"If red durian Banyuwangi get geographical identity certificate, it could become a mainstay of Banyuwangi. Whoever and wherever if you want to plant, must be name the red durian Banyuwangi," he said.

Moreover, red durian Banyuwangi has a characteristic, thick flesh and reddish color. Later, this variety can be known to the international world.