Researchers from 5 Countries Come to Banyuwangi to Learn About Development of Red Durian

Red durian Banyuwangi becomes a magnet for durian lovers. Not only durian lovers of Indonesia, but also neighboring countries participate to research this fruit that is dubbed King of Fruit.

Five researchers from five countries came to Banyuwangi, Saturday (03/07/2015). Not only that, durian lovers also joined in while enjoyed delicious Red durian Banyuwangi.

"We are meeting and discussing for the sake of progress red durian Banyuwangi". Thanks to be Allah,  durian lovers in the archipelago is also present," said Eko Mulyanto, Chairman of the Research Center of the Red Durian Banyuwangi.

According to him, the meeting was conducted to introduce more red durian Banyuwangi. If at this time the red durian has been known Indonesia, then red durian Banyuwangi want to be known in the scope of the International.

"I want the red durian Go International. That's why we invited them to research the Red durian Banyuwangi," he added.

In addition to holding discussions, the event was also held to eat local durian Banyuwangi. Beside, planting red durian, in the location of activities, in Pondok Indah District of Glagah Banyuwangi.

Meanwhile, researcher from Malaysia DR Zakaria Abdul Razak, claimed to be interested in the red durian Banyuwangi. Currently, he admitted to collect seeds of red durian from over the world.

According to him, the red durian from Banyuwangi it's been nice. However, the size needs to be increased again.

"The taste is so good to be consumed by the general public. But I can not bitter taste. Usually durian lovers like it because there is a bitter taste," he said.