The Super Frogger Sprinkler, A Solution for Climate Control in Greenhouses

The "Super Frogger Sprinkler", an innovative system, offering the optimal solution for climate control in greenhouses was launched by The Naan Dan Jain.

As we know, in Greenhouses we face weather problems. And this innovative system is designed to cope with severe climate problems, which have a considerable and often devastating effect on plants thereby that cause a shortage of vegetables, fruit and leaf crops in the various markets.

The Super Frogger Sprinkler system, which was created recently, help to lower greenhouse temperatures when conditions of extreme heat prevail. The super frogger sprinkler has just come up on the market to help solve extreme climatic problems. This new climate control system was called one of the world's most advanced irrigation controllers. The water in the system creates a variety of mist that reduces the temperature and the humidity accordingly, all for the benefit of the crops.

Naan Dan Jain with production plants at Kibbutz Dan in Northern Israel and Naan close to Rehovot conducted observations and trials during the summer months at different greenhouses throughout the country and found that The Super Frogger Sprinkler system was proven effectively for various crops, which are particularly sensitive to extreme climatic changes as well as in areas such as the Arava where even more extreme weather conditions prevail.

The new Naan Dan Jain sprinklers system has been installed in several greenhouses for growing leaf crops using hydroponics and there the desired climatic conditions were maintained thus preventing damage to the crops.

During tests and trials at greenhouses in Northern Israel and other greenhouses in the center of the country for growing Salanova lettuce occurred a significant drop in temperature and a higher humidity level recorded during heat waves (hamsin). Therefore, the climatic control system facilitated an uninterrupted food supply to customers and an improved lettuce crop.

Similar encouraging and successful results were obtained at tests in the Arava and the Negev where the heat conditions are particularly extreme.

Naan Dan Jain claims that The Super Frogger Sprinkler system can serve as a kind of insurance policy for preserving the crops in this region's extreme weather conditions prevail that is characterized by extreme variations.