Russia Doesn't Need The import of Foreign Products

Russia - Russian Federation or officially known as Russia has five years in which to increase vegetable productions and close the local product market needs. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev at the II International Agrarian Forum vegetable crops “OvoschKult”- 2016. Tkachev noted that earlier vegetables production in Russia was not among the priority areas due to the large number of imports but now when the objective conditions for agricultural sector growth.

“Ten years is too much – Russia will not wait so long until we will make your tomatoes and cucumbers. The competitors are not asleep, they are also looking to the Russian market as a tidbit. If we do not, then it will make someone else “, – said the head of the agricultural department.

According to Tkachev, the ruble devaluation and food embargo will not last forever, so you need as soon as possible to replace imported products by domestic and occupy the niche that previously occupied foreign goods. The pace of development should be redoubled with 2.000 hectares of greenhouses, which will give in a period of five years the required output.

“Today the problem is political – within five years, we must increase the production of fresh vegetables and close to 90% of the consumption of domestic production” - Said Tkachev, adding that implement the task in such a short period will be difficult, but there is no other choice.

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture also said that with the growth of domestic production Russia will phase out the import of the product, which is produced in sufficient quantity in the country.

“We are definitely going to adjust the balance of exports and imports, will close certain markets, dare I say it – because they have to protect their producers, local farmers”, – concluded Alexander.