Russian Agricultural Machinery Showed Sales Growth in All Products

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Russia - In the last of April 2016 Russia showed sales growth in all the main products of agricultural machinery. This is evidenced by the data of Russian plants, as well as localized in the Russian Federation of foreign companies, whose equipment is subsidized by the state under the Government Resolution №1432, such as John Deere and Company “Eurotechnica”.

According to the Russian Association of manufacturers of agricultural machinery “Rosagromash” shipment of combine harvesters increased in comparison with January-March last year by 2.1 times – up to 705 units, forage machines – by 75.9% – up to 51 units.  Based data that we get from, the following of agricultural machinery that is sold in the last of quarter 2016.

Four-wheel drive tractors were sold at 45.2% (302 units), plows – 20.8% (522 units), Harrow – 44.3% (5565 units), cultivators – 21.3% (978 units) , planters – by 62.9% (1,149 units), sprayers – by 27.1% (197 units). Sales trailed mowers have increased by 3.1 times – up to 83 units, rake – 14% – up to 98 units, from the data of enterprises.

Thus, according to “Rosagromash”, 69% of the subsidies had to “Rostselmash”, 16% – on the Petersburg tractor factory, 3.7% – in the “Eurotechnica”. Eugene Korchevoi believes that after the end state support buyers take a wait and see position.

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