Come Join FMC’s #LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest! : I Heart Farmers Markets

Announcing FMC’s #LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest! We’re challenging market lovers to post creative photos incorporating FMC’s “I Heart Farmers Markets” temporary tattoos. The contest is designed to engage your community, and provides markets with an inexpensive, fun, and easy way to allow customers and vendors to promote your venue for you through word of mouth, social, and earned media.

It’s easy to enter:

  1. Take a photo of yourself, a farmer, shopper, puppy, baby, tomato – anyone or anything! – wearing a tattoo
  2. Post the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #LoveMyMarket 

Contest deadline is August 31, 2016. When can you start posting? Now! Where can you find tattoos? Order them here!
Fun prizes (and bragging rights) will be awarded to the photographers AND markets featured in the winning photos. Winners will be announced by September 16, 2016.