Players of Pokemon Go was warned to keep clear of farms

Players of the hit smartphone game Pokémon Go are being warned to stay away from farms amid concerns that they could be injured by livestock or machinery.

The game uses a technique called augmented reality to allow players to use their smartphones to hunt and capture cartoon monsters or Pokeman characters in the real world.

But some players have ventured into unsuitable or dangerous places.

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) said it had received several reports from its members of players trespassing while using their smartphones to play the game.

CLA policy director Christopher Price said it was important that players should stay safe in the countryside and avoid trespassing on private property.

“It’s great that Pokémon Go players are getting out into the countryside and exploring our beautiful landscapes but they should be aware that it is a workplace and treat it with respect.”

Players should take steps to remain safe and be aware of the risks of trespassing over private land and property, said Mr Price.

“Damage can be caused by inadvertently walking on land set aside for environmental work or you could find yourself face to face with dangerous livestock.

“Players should also be aware of farm machinery, particularly during harvest time.”

Pokémon Go follows other digital software such as satnav systems, Google Street View, Strava and Geocaching, which Mr Price said potential to encourage trespassing.

“We hope the makers of Pokémon Go will deal with any instances of characters apparent on private property quickly and that it is made as easy as possible to report these issues.”

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