The VAC 16 Salmon Cleaner - The VAC 16 Salmon Cleaner completes the cleaning process of aquaculture salmon. The cleaner reduces the labor needs of salmon producers by using patent-pending, fully automated vacuum technology to scrape and clean fish of 2-7 kg (4.4-15.4 lb) in size at a rate of 16 salmon per minute. The machine was designed to replace the task of manually rinsing salmon following automated gutting. Fish can be automatically fed into the VAC 16 Salmon Cleaner from a fully automatic gutting machine, achieving perfect cleaning without any product damage.  Automating this task improves productivity on the line and creates a safer work environment for employees by eliminating repetitive motion.

The machine was produced by Laitram Machinery. The VAC 16 Salmon Cleaner  features an original design and patented technology to successfully replace the work of two labourers. Laitram Machinery guarantees the accuracy and performance of the Salmon Cleaner with a clean rate of 97% or better.

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