The VMK Automatic Feeder

The Automatic feeder is the second machine in the production line that will produce HGT-product or single/ butterfly fillets with or without skin. The VMK31 Automatic feeder is orienting the fish with head first via vibrating chutes. The fish continues in a uniform stream via the four infeed sections onto the fish pockets of the deheading section. The recycled fish is transported back to the feeder via a conveyor belt.

The VMK31 Automatic Feeder is available in different versions depending on type and size of fish. Equipping the machine with format parts optimizes use for a  variety of fish; herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, sardine, blue whiting, smelt,  and similar species. The VMK31 Feeder is designed to alleviate operators work load and provide a  correct placement in the fish pockets of the deheading machine.

Standard equipment:

  • Size depending chutes for orientation of the fish
  • Adjustable walls in the chutes for variation in catch
  • Feeding wheels for syncronization

Optional functions:

  • Pneumatically operated gates to improve timing
  • Mechanically operated gates to improve timing
  • Extra nozzles for water spray
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