Mounted Agricultural Sprayer Models from Kuhn - KUHN mounted sprayers combined precision and easy to use. And today, Kuhn has redesigned the chassis of its latest Deltis sprayer range, which it reckons now makes it one of lightest mounted machines on the market.

The Deltis 2 also comes with a new main tank capable of holding up to 1,300 litres, while a double-slope sump should make emptying and rinsing easier than before, even on steep terrain.

On the side, the sprayer still uses Kuhn’s natty Optifiller flexible induction hopper, which was first seen on the previous Deltis.

New controls are available in two formats.

The manually operated Manuset valve system uses two steering-wheel-type valves to control the machine’s main spraying and flushing circuits, while the electronically controlled Diluset+ system allows operators to control the sprayer’s main spraying and flushing functions from the comfort of the tractor cab.

The Deltis 2 is available with a range of steel and aluminium spraying booms in widths ranging from 15m to 24m, and comes with a clever suspension system that allows the boom to float during road transport.