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Straw as Organic Material

Straw is one of lignocellulosic wastes produced abundantly in Indonesia. Lignocellulosic waste has been utilized for the manufacture of paper, animal feed and largely destroyed by burning so that it can eliminate useful substances contained in the straw. Straw can be used as organic materials, straw can be used as materials for making compost, and straw can also be used as the main material for making bokashi (bokashi straw).

According Hakim et al (1986) stated that the straw as organic matter contributes to soil:

  1. Improve the ability to hold water,
  2. Stimulate and stabilize soil aggregates granulation,
  3. Increase the element nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfate in the soil,
  4. Reduce the plasticity, cohesion, and poor soil properties,
  5. Dissolve a number of mineral nutrients by humus.

Reaction of changing straw as organic materials is supplied to the soil as follows:

  1. Enzymatic oxidation with carbon dioxide and water produces heat.
  2. Specific reaction of exemption or immobilization essential elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfate and others.
  3. Synthesis of resistant materials to form new compounds.