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Innovative Farmer Webinar : Using compost to build and maintain soil health

The focus here is on the use of compost, suppressive against soil-borne diseases (SBD), in order to minimize such risks. Composts can serve as carriers for beneficial microorganisms and can induce plant systemic resistance. Mature composts can turn soils suppressive against a wide variety of SBD's. Application rates that are not feasible while growing conventional crops can be used economically in Organic Farming due to compost ability to contribute a significant amount of nutrients. In addition, these composts improve soil physical characteristics. In order to maintain soil health, compost application must be repeated annually. Mechanisms of compost suppressiveness against SBD will be briefly described.

This Webinar Using Compost to Build and Maintain Soil Health with Prof. Michael Raviv Webinar will be held on:

Wednesday 10 August, 1.30 - 2.30pm

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More information about Prof. Michael Raviv :

Name                :  Michael Raviv, Prof. (Retiree)
Units                 :  Newe Ya'ar, Research teams-Newe Yaar 
Tel                     :  04-9539505 04-9539540
Fax                    :  04-9836936
Email                 :
Office location   :   Newe Ya'ar Research Center
Address              :   Newe Ya'ar Research Center P.O.B 1021 Ramat Yishay 30095 ISRAEL

Research Interests / Job description
  • Long-term soil fertility building in Organic Farming
  • Composting of organic wastes including olive mill wastes
  • The use of composts as substrate ingredients and for soil application
  • The role of composts in inducing suppressiveness against soil-borne diseases
  • Plant nutrition in Organic Agriculture
  • Microcalorimetry as a novel approach to energy saving in greenhouse-grown crops and as a tool to assess compost maturity.